Catering Services

By keeping my catering parties to a maximum of 75 people allows me to still have that one
on one intimate relationship with my client and their guest. Along with my staff of chefs.
Servers, bartenders, we have the capability to execute and delivery on your expectations.

From private dinners, out door BBQ, graduations, birthdays, reunions, romantic dinners,
fashion shows, and much more. Chef Brian customizes all event menus and cost according
to the clients budget and needs. This process will be discussed during the initial consultation
Cooking Classes/Menu Planning

One of my greatest joys is being able to show and teach the average cook how to WOW
their family and friends. Many people are itimadated with doing things out of their comfort
zone right?

Gather 10 of you closest friends or family and allow me to annoint each and every one of
you Jr.Chef's in the making......Services to be provided at your location contact Chef Brian
for further details....  Having trouble planning your house hold meals for the week contact
Chef B for consultation and preparation services!

Chef /Mentor Consultant

Having food cost issues, staff issues, plate presentation issues, cleanliness issues, menu
development issues whatever the issues may be listen up ...

With over 14 years of  culinary experience I have seen and done it all. It will take me 1 shift
to determine what your issues are and how we will attack them! You are in the bottom line
business so stop wasting time and money and let's get to the bottom line of your restaurant
troubles.  The hardest thing to do in the restaurant world is getting your staff to see things
through your eyes! Allow me to help you accomplish this...
Free Initial Consultation.
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