My Childhood

As a young kid no older than the age of 5 I knew early on that working with food was my
calling. While my siblings were playing games and doing all the fun things that kids do, I was
glued to my mothers hip in the kitchen. I began at that young age to soak in the passion that she
was displaying in the kitchen. The fire and passion has continued to burn in me for over 30 years
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My Experience

They say there is one easy way to recognize your God given talent! That one way is what ever it
is that you do that comes natural and easy for you to accomplish that's your God given talent!

I have taken my God given talent to a number of well known restaurants in the Philadelphia
market. My journey has exposed me to some of the greatest Chefs in the area which has
allowed me to take my talents to a new and exciting level.

I am on a mission to expose these talents to as many people as I possibly can.
What good is it for me to have all this wealth of knowledge and experience and not offer it to the
rest of the world.

As an Executive Chef since 1997 this Journey has been everything I thought it would be and
more. My passion for this business shows in every dish I create, every Chef I mentor, every
kitchen I turn around, and last but not least the ability to have every client I make say "WOW"
About Chef B
Chef Brian Clark


Chef Brian Clark won the third annual Local Chef contest co-sponsored by Community College
of Philadelphia and NBC Philadelphia’s The 10! Show. As the winner, Chef Brian will reign for
the next year as the official on-air Chef for The 10! Show, appear as a guest lecturer for
Community College of Philadelphia Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Program, and
receive a free one-week Apple Vacation package. Chef Brian's winning dish was a Crusted
Rack of Lamb with Parmesan bread crumbs made from crumbled Tastykake Apple Pies and
Coffee Cakes. Contestants in the final round were required to use at least one Tastykake
product as an ingredient in their dish.
You can catch Chef Brian on The 10! Show once a month at 11:30 am EST. Visit often for links
to the show!

*CHEF B WILL BE ON THE 10! SHOW 12/15/2011 @ 11:30 AM (est.)*
Channel NBC 10 Philadelphia, PA
Chef B on The 10! Show

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